Wednesday, 28 February 2007

9/11 Truth Nutjobs: "BBC video proves conspiracy"

A new video clip from 9/11 has been found and it purports to show that the BBC 'knew' Tower 7 was going to be brought down because they reported it 20 minutes before it actually happened. The fact that the video feed 'conveniently' breaks up just a few minutes before the tower fell is further sinister proof of the dastardly plot. The implication is that they couldn't have known unless it was a conspiracy.

Leaving aside the BBC's pathological leftist anti-Americanism, which should be enough to debunk the story altogether and just looking at the facts, I conclude the following:
  • The reporter, Jane Standley, is a couple of miles from the WTC so must have received news from a third party;
  • That news was probably that Tower 7 was 'going to' collapse not that it 'had' collapsed and in the confused reporting of the day that got mixed up;
  • Not being a local, she didn’t know which one Tower 7 was. Only a foreign news service could have made that error;
  • The fact it's standing in full view behind her actually debunks the conspiracy because if it was a conspiracy then they would have picked a location that wasn't so obviously going to give it away; and
  • Since when is it abnormal for a satellite signal to break up? I started recording events when the news came on the TV that a plane had hit the first tower and have over 12 hours of news coverage. I can't count the number of times that the signal broke up during that time because it was so high.


Anonymous said...

Your post misses a very key point.

She did not just report that it had already collapsed, she reported it 20 min in advance and goes on to say how the towers had weakened building 7. (which had not even fell yet)

The official NIST report stated that noone could have known the building would collapse, and has issued no solid explanation for why it did.

I suggest you do some research yourself rather than rehashing straw man arguments.

The BBC is not to blame.. It's the wire services and whomever put the report out that should be questioned. All the BBC did was let the cat out of the bag a little too early.

CNN also reported that it had already collapsed, and then changed that to might collapse.

Once again, get educated. Good day.

Go have a look at who your calling a "nutjob".

Jack Lacton said...

Hey! A nutjob has visited already and has left the typically incoherent response when challenged with more likely scenarios.

"She did not just report that it had already collapsed, she reported it 20 min in advance..." is a complete non sequiter.

"...and has issued no solid explanation for why it did" - not to the 9/11 nutjob crowd but to those people whose cognitive skills remain somewhere above that of an African great ape drunk on fermented berries it does.

If CNN reported that it had already collapsed and then changed their mind then it speaks even more to the accuracy of my assessment.

What a loser.

_Jim said...

Jack, the 'edukashun' of these people is what impresses me.

For instance, the common mistake below in the use of *your* for the contraction *you're* (as in *you are*):

__ Go have a look at who [sic] your calling a "nutjob". __

Anytime I see 'your' used like that I just cringe ...

_Jim said...

I have to comment on this too:

__ she reported it 20 min in advance and goes on to say how the towers had weakened building 7. (which had not even fell yet) __

WHAT is it with you 'truthers' that you CAN'T even tell the truth about factual events and the time frame in which they occurred!!??

WTC 7 collapsed completely after burning unchecked for approximately 7 hours; THIS is HOURS after the collapse of WTC 1 and 2 BTW ...


Truther - ALex Jones is using you for his own selfish purposes ...

Realist said...

Have any of you actually WATCHED the video footage of WTC # 7 building "collapsing"?? If so, please try to explain away the neat parallel rows of squibs (puffs of smoke from explosions) climbing up the face of the building nearest the camara JUST before it "collapses" at freefall rate. Consider that the N.I.S.T. has YET to offer an "explanation" as to why # 7 fell, and the 9/11 whitewash commission even admitted (in an endnote buried at the back of the book) that it's only "explanation" it has for the "collapse", the much-repeated diesel fuel tanks hogwash, has an infinitesimally small chance of actually ever happening. But here's the video footage so you can do some mental gymnastics in trying to pathetically cling to an impossible fairy tale story as it's psychologically safer than letting yourself see the truth. Tell me what you think of the squibs and the elegant "collapse" of it.

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