Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Undermining the West

When you watch these videos from 1984 of Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov you will understand how the Soviet Union worked hard to undermine the West through psychological means.

It's fascinating to compare today's Useful Idiots with those of a quarter century ago to find that there really is no difference. Morally confused, factually barren - the postmodern leftist Useful Idiot is impervious to reason and reality.

When will this ahistorical social phenomenon end? Probably never but the time will come when totalitarian ideologues, mainly from the Baby Boomer generation, that shape public opinion from their positions in the mass media or education institutions will retire from the system and then, maybe, there will be a period of greater balance. We're still around ten years away from this point.

Marxism and Useful Idiots


Demoralisation continued

Mass Media

The Soviet System

Yoga and brainwashing

Fascinating stuff.

(h/t - Jack from Montreal)

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