Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday night Aussie rock

Australian Crawl was an Australian rock band formed by James Reyne (lead vocals/piano) and Simon Binks (lead guitar) in 1978 and joined by Guy McDonough (co-lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Bill McDonough (drums, percussion), Paul Williams (bass guitar), and Brad Robinson (rhythm guitar). The band was named after the front crawl swimming style also known as Australian crawl. The band's music was a defining feature of Australian surf culture during the 1980s.

They had a number of #1 albums through the 1980s including The Boys Light Up, Sirocco and Sons Of Beaches with the hits being The Boys Light Up, Beautiful People, Downhearted, Errol, Oh No Not You Again and Shutdown.

Beautiful People



The Boys Light Up


Stevo said...

Jack ... love your Sunday night Aussie rock posts. I rarely watch the telly, but notice that there is a show on the SBS TV Channel in Australia this coming Saturday evening at 8.30pm called Great Australian Albums: Born Sandy Devotional by the Triffids. I cannot remember if you had the Triffids on your blog here, but they had some great songs.

I think you've beaten SBS on Great Australian Albums, or at least in the highlighting of great Aussie bands.

Keep up the great blogging.

Jack Lacton said...


Haven't had The Triffids yet so might add them to the list. They're a worthy entry to the Sunday Night Aussie Rock series.