Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday night Aussie rock

These guys are not bad for any age but the fact that they're 16-19 years old makes their success even more meritorious.

Operator Please is a five piece indie rock band from Gold Coast formed in early 2005 by lead singer Amandah Wilkinson in an attempt to compete in her high school's annual "Battle of the Bands" competition. After winning the contest, the five members, aged 16 to 19, started working on getting their name out through their independently produced EP "On The Prowl", and minor gigs at local pubs and clubs. Through word of mouth and exposure of their second EP Cement Cement on Australian youth radio network Triple J, they generated a buzz in the music industry - both locally and internationally.Within months, and with the help of a record label sponsored showcase in NYC, they had inked a deal with Virgin/EMI Records for Australia, and for the UK with indie label Brille Records.

Get What You Want

Crash Tragic

Just A Song About Ping Pong

(Nothing Follows)

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