Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday night rock 'n' roll

The Vines are an Australian garage rock band notable for producing a musical hybrid of 60s rock and 90s alternative music. The original version of the Vines met in suburban Sydney in the late 90s where Craig Nicholls and Patrick Matthews met whilst working at their local McDonald's. They began playing together, with Nicholls on guitar and vocals and Matthews on bass. They were soon joined by Matthews' school friend David Oliffe on drums. The band was originally named by Nicholls as 'Rishikesh', pertaining to a place in India where his favourite band The Beatles had visited. The local newspapers always misprinted the name as 'Rishi Chasms', so he decided to name the band as The Vines. This was a mention to Nicholls' dad's frontman lead in a local Elvis cover-band called The Vynes. They started performing Nirvana covers at backyard parties while developing a sound of their own with Nicholls' four-track recorder.

...the release of the album saw more critical success with the band appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone and NME. The album debuted at #3 in the UK's albums chart, #5 in Australia's ARIAnet albums chart, and #11 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 albums chart. The band played high-profile slots on The Late Show with David Letterman and the MTV Video Music Awards. A few more singles were released from the album, including "Get Free" and "Outtathaway!". A fourth single, "Homesick", was released in Australia only. Highly Evolved sold 1.5 million copies throughout the world with distribution through Capitol Records.

Highly Evolved

Get Free


(Nothing Follows)

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