Thursday, 21 February 2008

Texas Democratic Nomination prediction

For what it's worth, I predict that Barack Obama will win the Texas Democratic primary handily, which will effectively be the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Polls show that things are close but given Obama's run of wins has included majority support from women and white men it's hard to see how the Hispanic supporters of Clinton will be able to make up the difference.

McCain v Obama will certainly be an interesting contest.

Will people support the grouchy, old man with a heap of experience or the elegant new-comer who preaches hope and change?

Betting markets have Obama as odds on favourite over McCain.

One last comment - the fact that Obama is getting such a large percentage of the white male vote puts to bed the notion that America is a racist society.

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Ellen K said...

I agree. In fact many Republicans such as myself are voting for Obama just to make sure that Hillary doesn't get the nod. At least Obama is a fairly transparent liberal. I would rather have his Carter-like self righteousness than Hillary's outright duplicity. As for McCain, he wasn't my pick. I still don't like him. And I am very unhappy that the media ignored other more qualified candidates just to push his cause. So since my vote won't matter a lick in the Republican primary, I might as well vote in the Democrat one. Who knows, maybe I will go to the precinct meeting and end up being a delegate. It's going to be a floor fight in Denver, and it should be high drama along with adject humor.

Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible that the white males are voting for B. Hussein Obama for the simple reason that she reminds them of their worst nightmare of a nagging wife. [nasal intonation] TAKE OUT THE GAAAAARBAGE!

It remains to be seen how many Reagan Democrats stick with him.


Darren said...

You're being facetious about the myth or racist American society, right? *Nothing*, not even a black President, is going to get rid of that one. It's too valuable to too many people.