Friday, 28 March 2008

Fitna - when will the moral equivalence start?

There's little doubt that Geert Wilders' new movie showing the violent side of Islam is a provocative piece.

It's interesting to note that the usual Muslim suspects were seething before the film had even been shown. Along with the seething came the usual death threats against Wilders and promises to undertake attacks in Holland.

By taking this action Muslims act in exactly the way that the film portrays them. Irony does not seem to be understood in the Ummah.

What's also interesting is that there are a lot of parallels between Communism and Islamism. It's very clear when you see what Ahmadinejad and others have to say about Islam taking over the world.

The clock is running now on when a professionally produced film comes out that does the same thing to the West or to the USA in an attempt to create a moral equivalence between the two cultures and to provide fodder for the Kos Kids, HuffPo crowd and rest of the tin foil hat community.

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Anonymous said...

this australian based web site is posting details on how to find the movie.