Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday night rock 'n' roll

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band first active from 1965 to 1970 (and 1970 to 1973 in a different incarnation). Its best-known members were Lou Reed and John Cale. Although never commercially successful while together, the Velvet Underground are often cited by critics as one of the most important and influential groups of their era. A famous remark, often attributed to British musician Brian Eno, is that while only a few thousand people bought the first Velvet Underground record upon its release, almost every single one of them was inspired to start a band. Their sound influenced many later musicians in many genres, including experimental, post-punk, new wave, and gothic rock.

The Velvet Underground takes a fair bit of getting in to but it's worth the effort. If you don't have some VU in your collection then do yourself a favour and put it on the list of things to get.

Venus In Furs

Femme Fatal (Live)

Sunday Morning

(Nothing Follows)

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Lou Reed's Berlin European Tour said...

If you love VU, check out Lou Reed's Berlin European tour this June and July. I saw Reed perform Berlin last year in Amsterdam. It was the best concert I've ever seen. Guitarist Steve Hunter was unreal.