Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday night rock 'n' roll

The Yardbirds are an English rock band, noted for starting the careers of three of rock's most famous guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. A blues-based band whose sound evolved into experimental pop rock, they had a string of hits including “For Your Love”, “Over, Under, Sideways, Down” and “Heart Full Of Soul”. They were a crucial link between British R&B and psychedelia.

The Yardbirds were pioneers in almost every guitar innovation of the '60s: fuzz tone, feedback, distortion, improved amplification, and were one of the first to put an emphasis on complex lead guitar parts and experimentation. The term, "Yardbird" is used in the southern United States as slang for 'chicken' (as in poultry), and it is a slang expression for "prisoner".

The bulk of the band's conceptual ideas, as well as their songwriting, came from the quartet of singer Keith Relf, drummer Jim McCarty, rhythm guitarist/bassist Chris Dreja, and bassist/producer Paul Samwell-Smith, all of whom co-wrote the Yardbirds' original hits and constituted the core of the group.

I'm often surprised that people who call themselves rock 'n' roll aficionados can not have heard of the Yardbirds - the band that gave us three of the greatest guitarist of all time - Page, Beck and Clapton. Their influence continues to this day, which it should given its clean, blues sound.

For Your Love

Over Under Sideways Down

Heart Full Of Soul

(Nothing Follows)


rightwingprof said...

And the greatest among them, in my not so humble opinion, is the least appreciated, the great Jeff Beck. Cause We've Ended as Lovers:

Jack Lacton said...


Jeff Beck is fantastic and not under-appreciated by this R&R fan.