Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Financial market graphs back to 1950

It's interesting to see that the downturn after the Dot Com boom and September 11 was much deeper than what has happened recently.

If confidence can return to the market, backed by loan facilities supported by the government, then you'd expect things to improve.

S&P - 2 years

S&P - 5 years

S&P - from 1950

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Dude said...

Do you have these graphs adjusted for inflation? That will show just how bad stock performance has really been this decade.

Kaboom said...

Have you considered not using logarithmic and linear graphs in the same post?

Kaboom said...

What I meant to say, rather more politely, was that a single 10 year log chart of the S&P index would have made much more sense and underlined the point of your post.

When you mix the types of charts (linear and log) over different time-spans, it really confuses the average punter.