Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Obama - Just like two former Presidents and a former VP all rolled into one!

What do you get if you add...

...the personal integrity of Richard Nixon...

...the corruption of Spiro Agnew...

...and the economic and foreign policy understanding of Jimmy Carter?

Unfortunately, you get the next President of the United States.

The world really is in for a bad time over the next 4-5 years.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be all that quick to plan the William Ayers inaugural ball. It's a bit premature to toss the bunting and send the high school marching bands back to the rehearsal room. Far too early to plan for a stream of loopy libs jumping up and down on the bed of the Lincoln Bedroom.

At this time 8 years ago, Gore was ahead 11 points. Kerry was certainly way ahead of Bush this time 4 years go. We have already discussed the very real Wilder effect. Even the Obama campaign is acknowledging that they had better be more than 5% ahead in the polls in order to make it close

The race will most certainly tighten. Not to be overlooked is Sarah Palin. I saw her a couple of days ago. She is a mega-wattage star. After a couple of hours of listening to a parade of windy blustery pols, (2 senators, a Governor, Lt Governor, candidate for dog catcher and assorted other public officials) she walked in the arena and electrified the place (the original venue was too small and it was reset for a space twice as large). It was as if someone had ripped off the roof and cool fresh air had cascaded in.

She has a remarkable quality and the people LOVE the woman. Today, she campaigned with McCain in PA and OH. The crowds were chanting Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah.

She is a force of nature.

As the horrendous shock of the economic news wears off and dulls the senses over time, we'll start to hear alot more about whom we can really blame for this mess. We'll see how then next 4 weeks play out.

Don't cancel the election yet.



Jack Lacton said...


It would be remarkable for McCain to recover from where he is in the betting market. Forget about the polls, they're not telling the whole story.

Palin certainly does seem to be a force of nature but I'm afraid that it's the 1976 election season all over again with Obama playing the role of Carter and Palin being the new Reagan (albeit as VP candidate) whose time is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Maybe. But then we remember pretty well what a disaster Carter was.

America is, essentially, center right in its politics. The more Obama is connected to hard left and looselugnut lib radical ideology, the less likely that working class Dems are really going to pull the lever for the Dear Leader when they walk into the booth.

The advent of cable tv, talk radio and the internet has dramatically changed the information environment from when Carter managed to hoodwink the nation after Nixon.

For example, who among us would ever had had the chance to learn so much from a guy named Lacton somewhere in Australia for cryin' out loud?

The media is fully in the tank for Lord Obama. That's for sure. We all know it. But as much as they try, they don't control the agenda anymore. Do you seriously think we would be discussing William Ayers if they did?

Fear not. As Hannity says, "let not your heart be troubled."



Jack Lacton said...


Since McCain started the Ayers ads Obama's price on Betfair has firmed from $1.28 to $1.19...