Thursday, 27 November 2008

Unmitigated Cowards

This disgusting ideology is not brave and is not morally supportable.

It is nothing but destructive and evil.

These people are nothing but...

The world mourns the loss of so many innocent lives, which is as it should be.

Here's something to think about, though.

If it was a Hezbollah operation inside Israel the you can be sure that the mainstream media - CNN, the BBC, ABC, the New York Times, The Age, PBS, the Guardian, the LA Times and all of the leftist blogs - would be furiously defending Hezbollah and accusing Israel's security of using 'disproportionate' force in its response to the attack.

Such is the inversion of values in the world they inhabit.

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Richard McLaughlin said...

I happen to agree with you, they are cowards.

Max Drive said...

That would be cowardly bullies.
I can't help but wonder what a couple of tourists with training and pistols might have accomplished against them.