Monday, 16 February 2009

Parked Plod Prius

I have a gift for spotting a Prius at long range, sometimes even over the horizon.

It must be the cloud of smug that envelopes the car and their occupants.

I wasn't particularly on the lookout for a Prius today but it was hard to miss this one - parked in the middle of Canberra - that must qualify as the ultimate in law enforcement embarrassment.

A Prius police car owned by the Australian Federal Police.

Who drew the short straw to drive this thing?

And what would Sheriff JW Pepper have to say about it all?

When James Bond drives a Prius then you'll know our culture is doomed...

(Nothing Follows)


Boy on a bike said...

I was driving through Frenchs Forest yesterday and saw a blue Prius that had Police stickers on each side. No lights and sirens - just big stickers. No point in having sirens, since it would be utterly useless in a chase. I was cursing my lack of camera to take a photo, so you beat me to it with this post.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Prius. If you got your head out of your gas guzzling arse then you would learn how reliable they are.

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