Wednesday, 11 March 2009

10 years of poor economic times?

How does the world avoid 10 years of recession and depression?

By spending the next generation's money on things that stimulate nothing?


By unionising the workforce?

By throwing more down the education black hole?

By continuing to offer cheap credit to fix a problem caused by cheap credit?

By propping up incompetent businesspeople, companies and home owners?

By introducing price controls?

Ladies and gentlemen.

The world really is in the poop.

Obama, Rudd, Brown.

Are these populist, economically incompetent egoists really going to save us?

Or is business going to do what it always does and do all of the heavy lifting in spite of the extra burden placed on it by governments all around the world?

Of course it is.

Which is why giving tax relief to business is so important.

But what do the leaders of the English speaking world do?

Increase taxes and charges.

Depression, here we come.

(Nothing Follows)

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