Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Request made. Answered.

"God damn America"

So he did.

America is really stuffed for at least a decade after only a couple of months of President Obama's magnificence.

Best wishes to all of my Seppo mates.

(Nothing Follows)


Anonymous said...

Jack, it's hard to know just how bad it's going to be. We seem clearly to have elected a committed hardcore leftie in office. And the damage is always done in subtle unpublicized ways.

Just today, lawyers from the EEOC filed an amicus brief in a class action against Walmart that will have enormous implications.

It's the little stuff that can happen when some hairy fisted librul has his paws on the levers of power that can kill us.

And Lord Obama seems to be unencumbered by any sense of limits on his ambition.

As a result our liberties are in serious jeopardy.

-- Krumhorn


Neko said...

If you really want to show good will, you could stop referring to us as Seppos. ^_^

Kaboom said...

Neko, Neko,

Have you not been exposed to Cockney (born within the hearing of Bow Bells, City of London) or Australian rhyming slang?

You know, like:

Yank = Septic Tank = Seppo

Wife = Trouble & Strife = Trouble

Suit = Bag of Fruit = "pack yer fruit!"

Road = Frog & Toad = "Hit the frog"

Cancer = Jimmy Dancer = "He's got the Jimmy!"

Shark = Noah's Ark = Noah, as in "watch out for that Noah!"

Look = Butcher's Hook = Butcher's as in "Have a Butcher's at the size of those tits!"

The bottom line, Neko, is that calling you a Seppo is a term of endearment, just like saying to you with all seriousness:

"It's your shout, you Seppo bastard!"

If you cannot handle this, for God's sake, don't even think of coming DownUnder to GodZone.

Neko said...


Yes, I am familiar with rhyming slang. That is how I knew what Seppo meant and why it is a term for Americans.

I also wasn't being particularly serious. That is why I included the smiling face. ^_^

Neko said...

BTW, how many tourists have eaten by sharks in Australia? There has to be some who were just swimming about while wondering why some idiot on the beach was shouting about some bloke named Noah?

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