Friday, 13 March 2009

Video animation of Flight 1549

This video really does show how quickly Flight 1549 got into trouble, how little time the crew had to make decisions and how lucky they all were to have Chesley Sullenberger at the controls.

I do wonder, though, had they made an initial right turn instead of left turn what the outcome would have been given it would have put the Hudson out of reach...

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Larry Sheldon said...

I'm not sure I what you mean whenyou talk of a right turn istead of a left.

Normal traffic is left turns for one runway or the left of two runways, right turns for the right runway.

To deviate from normal traffic requires clearance to do so, since there might be right-runway traffic (which is probably not on your frequency nor being controlled by your controller.

This is not Iowa or Nebraska where you can go shooting off the off-ramp from the left lane.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your essays very much. However, in fairness to the heroic pilot (and crew) of Flight 1549, I must point out an error in the spelling of his name:

Sullengerber should be Sullenberger

He probably wouldn't be upset by his name being misspelled, but if you can correct it, that would be a good thing. ~~ Thanks, Marilyn

Jack Lacton said...

Hi Larry,

Of course, what you say is correct. I could have phrased it a bit better to indicate that the turn could have been to the right due to procedure.

Thanks, Marilyn. It's all fixed.

Anonymous said...

Jack, I'm sorry to have to post again, but on my computer screen I'm reading "Sullenberber", so you still have superhero pilot Chesley Sullenberger's name wrong. Please correct this before he sees it.



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