Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What would Hillary have done?

Republicans were always going to be pushing poo up hill to win the last US election and, in retrospect, the GOP's choice of John McCain turned out to be a real stinker. Without Sarah Palin as his running mate he might have lost by a wider margin.

President Obama has unveiled his fiscal plan and it is the biggest stinker in the history of stinkery.

The US is clearly heading for a depression, with a D, and not recession under the Obama plan.

When Jim "Under Obama we'll have a recession, under McCain we'll have a depression" Cramer comes out and states that he's never seen such wealth destruction by a US government ever, "Their agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans..." and "...the market is totally falling apart and his agenda has a big hand in that happening" then you know that things have gone badly awry.

I have made the statement before that I don't believe that John McCain, had he won the presidency, would have been much more effective than Barack Obama. He might not have spent as much and he would have been a bit more strident on staying in Iraq but I don't see him as a business tax cutter given how often he's chosen the popular position and poked his own party in the eye.

The interesting question is what would Hillary have done if she had won the Democrat primary and the subsequent election?

If there has ever been a family more concerned with maintaining their popularity than the Clintons then I'm yet to see one strut the world's political stage.

Would Hillary have had the wit to understand that her legacy depended on the action she took as soon as she was sworn in?

There's no doubt that she would have.

Would she have allowed the two lunatics who lead congress and the senate to have come up with the greatest threat to America's economic future since its inception in the form of the stimulus bill?

The Devil would be skating to work before that happened...

Would she have showered her friends with manna from heaven at the expense of US taxpayers?

No doubt about it but as I've always said - give me a competent crook over an incompetent ideologue every time.

Only give weeks into his presidency and it's clear that Obama is in the latter category.

One day we might look back and wish that she had won, which is an amazing thing to admit.

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Anonymous said...

Like Obama, Hillary is a radical left ideologue. There really isn't much difference between them. Bill Clinton, much less so. If she had won, it would be her turn, and believe me she would be calling the shots, not Bill. Read some books By Dick Morris, a Clinton White House advisor for more info on the real Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I amazed to find myself thinking along the same lines as you, Jack, about Hillary.

I would vastly prefer having her in the White House to his hard core leftie. While she most certainly is a leftie herself, she wouldn't dream of screwing things up the way Lord Obama is.

It's hard to know if this guy has a get-even chip on his shoulder or is he just genuinely thinks that the best political structure is an even distribution of misery sort of justice.

Either way, we are in for a long hard road unless some common sense manages to filter into Senate Democrats.


toaster lover said...

You know we're in deep when fans of liberty and capitalism (redundant, I know) think HRC would probably be a better option. Holy hell.