Thursday, 12 November 2009

Man-made climate change finally proven to kill people in China

Here's proof that it's possible for man to interfere with the climate and end up killing people, which takes the climate change scorecard to:

Real man-made climate change: 38
Fake man-made climate change: 0
At least 38 people have died in some of the worst snows to hit northern China in decades, state media says.

The most fatalities occurred in Shanxi province where nearly 500 traffic accidents left 24 people dead and 70 injured when heavy snowfall pummelled the region this week, the China News Service said.

Officials have said the two storms in Beijing were artificially induced, sparking anger among residents. The extent of the weather manipulation efforts remains unclear.

In some places this week's snowstorms were the biggest in up to 60 years, leaving up to one million people in need of some form of disaster assistance, the report said.
Some scientists including Australia's own Climate Anti-Prophet, Tim Flannery, have suggested that sticking sulphur and whatnot into the atmosphere would help avoid the consequences of any warming. Not factored into their calculations is the loss of life that is almost certain to occur. Not that they seem to care too much about that...

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Ellen K said...

And Gore said, "NO NO NO, I said Global WARMING......wahhhhhhhhh!"

Anonymous said...

Did you really not realise that we are in a natural cooling pattern? It's November! It snows in November! The only reason to think that whatever happened was caused by whatever the scientists did is that some dodgy hacked up models said that it was. Also, you haven't mentioned all the people who would have been hit by cars and killed but stayed indoors because of the snow and thus survived.

To summarise, it wasn't unusual weather for the time of year. If it was, it wasn't because of human activities. If it was, then it wasn't actually a bad thing.