Friday, 20 November 2009

Well, this should be interesting...

On such important issues to their agenda the organised left tends to overwhelm online polls, as I've demonstrated previously.

Let's see how this one goes:




Yes:No ratios so far are 1.62, 1.68 and 1.68. I'd expect the final result to be close to that.



Someone has posted what appears to be a heap of emails and other documents from the Hadley Climate Reseach Unit that would be, if true, should be the end of climate science as we know it.

I predict the following:
  • most of the information will be shown to be true;
  • the mainstream media will give this almost no coverage;
  • there will be small, inconsequential discrepencies found that will be used to discredit the entire document set; and
  • it will have no impact on the climate debate, which, ironically, has very little to do with the actual climate.
(Nothing Follows)

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