Monday, 26 April 2010

Returning soon...!

In news that may or may not excite you depending on your point of view I shall be resuming blogging in the very near future.

Has anything interesting happened in my absence?


kae said...

"Has anything interesting happened in my absence?"

Nope. Same shit, different day. Every day.

Troofers crawling out of the woodwork.
Anti-vaccination idiots crawling out, too.

And I'm pretty sure the usual ALP voters will still be voting for the ALP at the next election anywhere in Aus.


Stevo said...

Welcome back, has it been a slow half year for news and you took a break? I can stop feeling like one of the Phils from Punxsutawney now you're back. Been an interesting 6 months for me: new job, new digs and a couple of new hobbies. Went to Canberra. OK, it hasn't been all that interesting. I've also never warmed to the climate change debate on either side, despite you writing pages of pixels, and comrade Rudd once describing it as the great moral challenge in my lunchtime. But I admire your passion. Prefer reading about real moral challenges such as the UN that you sometimes cover. That and exposing pervasive but rarely examined nonsense and lies that substitutes for facts and truth. There's a lot in that basket. Cya ...

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're still around are you? Shame; I thought you might be dead.

Jack Lacton said...

Hi Kae.

Hi Stevo.

Hi Fudgie.

Isn't the left classy? That certainly hasn't changed in my absence.