Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aboriginal Tent Embassy mob prove they're nothing but scum

The Prime Minister of Australia had to be evacuated from an Australia Day event this afternoon, along with the opposition leader, due to the racist scum who inhabit the so called Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

I am deadset sick of these people.

They give decent Aborigines a bad name and prove that they have absolutely no care about anything other than themselves while accusing those who have tried to help them for many decades of being racists.

They are scum.

No other term is suitable. Even respected Aboriginal figures said they went too far:
Indigenous leader Mick Gooda has condemned the aggressive behaviour of Aboriginal protesters towards Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott at a Canberra restaurant on Australia Day.
About 200 protesters from the nearby Aboriginal tent embassy banged on the three glass sides of The Lobby restaurant chanting "shame" and "racist".
At least 50 police, including the riot squad, were called to the scene shortly after 2.30pm (AEDT).
The two leaders, protected by police and security officers, escaped out a side door after about 20 minutes.
Protesters chased their car down the road, banging on its roof and bonnet.
The tent embassy is celebrating a 40-year milestone with a three-day "Corroboree for Sovereignty", with thousands of indigenous Australians travelling to Canberra for the occasion.
What did these people hope to achieve?

Whatever it is they've surely set back their cause and have probably killed off completely any hope that the constitution could be amended to recognise Aborigines as the first Australians.

So what set them off?
Tensions boiled over on Thursday afternoon following comments Mr Abbott made in Sydney earlier in the day that it was perhaps time for the embassy to move on.
Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott had just spoken at a ceremony for the inaugural national emergency medals when the protesters arrived at the restaurant.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda said he was appalled at the level of disrespect and aggression shown towards the two leaders.
"An aggressive, divisive and frightening protest such as this, has no place in debates about the affairs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples or in any circumstances," Mr Gooda said.
So, Tony Abbott - a man who spends a couple of weeks every year in the outback helping Aboriginal communities (with no cameras and no media) - makes a common sense statement that the eyesore that is the 'Embassy' should move on and it justifies a complete breakdown of law and order, does it?

Scum. Shameful scum.

We need to start treating Aborigines the same as everyone else in this country be they white, brown, black, yellow or whatever and stop treating them as spoiled children. It's the only way they'll be able to improve their lot in life.


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The protesters dismantled the fixed outdoor umbrellas that were situated for them. I see no good in this. That said, the heat does fuel more anger and stirs ruckus even more so.

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