Saturday, 28 January 2012

Aboriginal Tent 'Embassy', Violence and the Left

So it turns out that a media staffer in Julia Gillard's office, Tony Hodges, called an intermediary, identified as Unions ACT boss Kim Sattler, and told her that opposition leader Tony Abbott has made a comment about the Aboriginal Tent 'Embassy' and just happened to be conveniently located a couple of hundred metres away from said embassy at The Lobby restaurant.

As reported by Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt this is a scandal for the Prime Minister of increasing proportion.

The Prime Minister tried to head off trouble at the pass:
Adviser Tony Hodges “acted alone” when he called union official Kim Sattler before the ugly Australia Day riot in Canberra, Julia Gillard claims.
The Prime Minister said she was “deeply disappointed” and “furious” to learn her staffer had let protesters know the whereabouts of Tony Abbott at a medal ceremony in Old Parliament House before scenes turned foul.
“He acted alone and his conduct was unauthorised,” Ms Gillard said today in Treasury Place, Melbourne.
“He made a grave error of judgment.”
But she said at no time did Mr Hodges bend Tony Abbott’s words to say he wanted the tent embassy torn down.
Who in their right mind does not believe:

  • That Hodges acted with anything other than authority of his direct manager?
  • That he accurately conveyed the sense of Tony Abbott's opinion?
  • That his action was completely consistent with the reality of the culture of the Prime Minister's office?
  • That it was completely normal to ring an intermediary such as Sattler when looking to stir up trouble?
  • That "there shall be no carbon tax under a government I lead" Gillard is telling the truth that Hodges acted alone?

I'll bet that policy cuckolded pokies' reform champion Andrew Wilkie has some doubts about the truth of the PM's story, that's for sure.

But there's a bigger issue at play that has not yet been reported on, probably because the mainstream media are Labor supporters and don't want to face the ugly truth that it's their side that owns political violence in this country and has done since the founding of the nation. That's why Kim Sattler knew that all she needed to do in order to stir up trouble was to tell people the distorted story about what Abbott had said and where he was and let the normal leftist mob mentality run its course.

But, Jack, I hear you cry, these Aboriginal people are passionate about their cause and so you can understand why they become so upset and sometimes things get out of control, can't you?

No, I can't.

Firstly, reports said that there were some hundreds of people at the Aboriginal Tent 'Embassy'.

How many of those people were Coalition supporters, do you think?

Let me think about that for about a nanosecond. How about none?

If it had have been a crowd of Coalition supporters protesting against the carbon tax or the incompetence of the government then do you think that violence would have broken out?

Oh, that's right. That happened. It didn't.

Here's a thought experiment.

If the crowd at the Aboriginal Tent 'Embassy' were all Coalition supporters then do you think that the same outcome could have occurred on the basis of what a Labor leader was reported as having said?

Not on your life.

And here's a real kicker. If even half of the protesters were Coalition supporters then do you think things would have become riotous? No. Because the sensible half would have held the other side in check.

That organised political violence belongs to the left is a fact of life. Who else can bring together unions, uni students, Environmentalists and the anti-globalisation crowd into the kind of destructive force we see on our TVs on a weekly basis?

Where are the organised right wing equivalents? There aren't any.

Leftism is about tearing down what exists be it successful people, institutions they don't like such as the Catholic Church or an economic system that they believe is unfair.

It should come as no surprise that a mindset whose goal is to pull down the pillars of society should also take to literally pulling down the physical infrastructure.

Thus, the Aboriginal Tent 'Embassy' disgrace is a perfect example of the left's careless embrace of lies and violence in order to implement its agenda.



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